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How's that "Hope" going for ya? Had enough "Change" yet? Is this the change you all hoped for? Isn't it time to stand up and stand behind someone who actually understands what this great nation's forefathers were trying to do? America is the strongest nation in the world. It's the greatest nation in the world. Why are we sitting back and letting people who don't care, and don't know, throw it all away or sell it off for their personal profit?

Well this is the beginning. This is a new era. Let's stand tall and make our voices heard! Let's show the leaders of this great country of ours that we're tired of being treated like mindless sheep!

This site, is to generate awareness TO Ted and Chuck, that they have the American people behind them. This site is to try to CONVINCE Ted and Chuck to run for office. So I encourage you to join us on facebook, write to Ted, write to Chuck and let them know that they have a voting army willing to stand behind them if they do so choose to run for the office of the Leader of the Free World!

Let's get one thing straight (Our Disclaimer): At the moment, neither Ted Nugent, nor Chuck Norris have announced their candidacy for office or even a desire to run. This site is not endorsed by, nor does it have any current affiliation with Ted Nugent or Chuck Norris. The views contained in any text in this site, unless directly quoted and tagged, are solely those of this site. This site is not meant to spread lies about Ted or Chuck running for office. It is simply a tool to combat continuing political apathy.